What's it all about?


If we expect our staff to be client focused, service orientated and compassionate, then it’s our responsibility to extend the same genuine care and concern to our workforce. 
There will undoubtedly be brilliant, talented people within your workforce but all too often it's these shining stars who give until there’s nothing left to give, before retreating from their careers or burning out. This is an all too common situation, particularly in highly pressurised, high stake sectors such as health, education and other areas of public service. 
As well as the obvious moral, ethical and legal obligations to look after our staff, it makes huge economic sense to do so. The workforce is usually an organisation's biggest, most costly and most mission-critical asset- so why wouldn’t you do everything possible to protect and care for it?
Drawing on many years of experience in adult and workplace education, we deliver world class ‘wellbeing at work’ programmes.
We'd love to work with you to assess the needs of your workforce, allowing us to create bespoke packages that suit your budget, your sector and your day-to-day demands.
Our services include:


  • Mental health awareness and champions’ training

  • Mental Health First Aid Training (one and two day)

  • Resilience Courses

  • Compassion@Work Programmes

  • Leadership Development Training

  • Workshops on a range of wellbeing-focused areas such as an 'An introduction to mindfulness'

  • Bespoke workshops and e-learning modules designed around your requirements

  • Train the trainer events enabling your staff to deliver some of our materials to enable long-term sustainability of your programme

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