Mental Health Champions' Course

This highly interactive 1 day course equips delegates with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to be able to respond to clients with mental health issues and emotional distress, in a caring, compassionate and well-informed way. This is particularly suitable for anyone that regularly encounters clients with mental ill-health or emotional distress.


The course helps delegates understand the prevalence and scale of mental ill-health and lifts the lid on the enormous stigma and discrimination that is associated with mental illness. There is a strong focus on developing the skills of compassion, empathy and active listening, underpinned by the ability to put personal judgments aside. The course does not prepare people to diagnose, but it does provide some important background knowledge on many of the major causes of mental ill-health. It also gives people the skills and confidence to be able to support someone in the crisis situation of contemplating suicide.


As with all our courses (except Mental Health First Aid) we can tailor exercises, scenarios and case studies to align with your work sector. 


The ART of Resilience Course

This 1 day course of self-discovery, focuses on the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to develop personal resilience. It can also be delivered as a two day train the trainer option, meaning your organisation has the tools and flexibility required to be able to implement a workforce wide resilience development programme. 


The course uses the acronym ‘ART’ to provide delegates with a memorable and easily applicable set of tools to increase their own ability to be able to move from mere surviving to thriving, personally and professionally. 


All our courses provide detailed, high quality resources and a certificate of attendance.  This course also includes an extensive post-course toolkit, packed to the brim with brilliant resources for organisations and individuals wishing to continue their resilience learning journey.


Compassion@Work Course

A 1 day course for managers, team leaders and supervisors which places emphasis on the human side of managing a team where wellbeing is taken seriously and is seen as essential as ‘getting the work done’. This course introduces delegates to the principles of managing their teams with compassion and high levels of emotional intelligence, in order to start creating the conditions for a highly engaged and loyal workforce. 


Prior to the course, delegates are provided with a high-quality e-book introducing them to the notion of compassion, kindness and empathy as way of relating to colleagues and those they manage.


Compassion@Work Circles- Facilitator Training

The 2 day intensive 'Compassion@ Work Circles' training is a skills based course aimed at public sector/not-for-profit staff such as those working with healthcare, emergency services, education, the charity sector and housing. 


The course teaches facilitators how to set-up, facilitate and evaluate Compassion@Work Circles. These are groups of staff who come together in an understanding and supportive atmosphere to share and reflect on challenging client interactions or cases that 'remain with them', in a structured, consistent way. The aim is to offer staff a safe, skilfully facilitated environment in which to share stories and offer emotional/practical support to one another. Compassion@Work circles are based on the premise that allowing staff to articulate difficult situations using a structured method can help them grow and move on. Facilitators are trained in the 'ALLOW' process and methodology which combines reflection with mindfulness techniques. This common sense, easy to remember process be applied in both one-to-one and group settings to help people process a situation, grow and move on.


The sharing of difficult experiences/emotions helps normalise the challenges of work, for all present within a 'circle'- not just the person discussing their story. This shared experience helps build bridges and create strong, supportive bonds between staff. The shared problem solving also helps staff process and move on from a difficult experience with a mindset of learning, rather than regret, shame, sadness or resentment. In essence, circles help someone learn from an experience without keeping hold of any negative baggage.


Prior to the course delegates will receive a high-quality e-book, and on completing the course will also receive a toolkit of resources to encourage on-going personal development and learning. A prerequisite to the course is to have attended the 1 day Compassion@Work course.


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

The stark truth is that you're much more likely to meet someone who is contemplating suicide than someone who is having a heart attack. But would you know how to help? You probably have a good idea how to give CPR and get help for someone in cardiac arrest, but what about someone having a mental health crisis? We all have mental health just as we all have physical health, and in the same way that people's physical health can be poor at times, so too can their physical health. But sometimes people don’t know how to help, fear saying the wrong things and might not know what sources of help and support are available. This is what mental health first aid is all about. We are able to offer both the one day MHFA Champions Course and the two day full MHFA course, on behalf of MHFA England. 


Paul, who has his own experience of serious mental ill health has this to say on the importance of MHFA:


'I fully understand that opening up and telling someone that you’re struggling can seem impossible. It may feel like you don’t want to bother your GP. It may feel like talking to friends, family or partner might create more problems than it solves. I completely get that. This is one of the reasons that I feel so passionately about the role of the Mental Health First Aider in my organisation and, frankly, in any organisation. Our role is simply to be there as another outlet. A different point of contact. Not to absorb and resolve every issue that anyone has, of course, but to be another pair of ears willing to listen, to empathise and hopefully to work with you to help steer you in the right direction if you need help.'


In doing a mental health first aid course, you'll learn about common mental health conditions, warning signs and sources of help and support. This background knowledge, combined with the 5 step MHFA action plan, will help equip you with the skills and confidence to spot and support someone experiencing mental health problems.


MHFA is an internationally recognised qualification for life. Delegates will receive a detailed textbook to keep, and unique to Red Lotus Consulting, we also provide a comprehensive toolkit of post-course resources to assist with embedding of the MHFA role.


Mindfulness at Work

This 1 day highly practical introduction to mindfulness principles and techniques, enables delegates to start developing a more ‘mindful’ and less reactive approach to the work they do. 


Mindfulness is a way of paying attention on purpose and non-judgementally to what goes on in the present moment in your body, mind and the world around you. Developing mindfulness as an approach to work can help staff feel less pressured, can improve decision making, increase resilience and enhance creative problem solving.


Leading on Purpose

This intensive 3 day course focuses on leadership skills from the premise that happy and engaged staff equal a productive and loyal workforce. The international evidence is clear: having a workforce with high levels of stability and productivity means you are much better equipped to achieve your organisational purpose, whatever that may be. Within this course, new or developing leaders, zone in on what their purpose is as a leader within your business, and are encouraged to explore, refine and practise strategies to enable them to lead with compassion, emotional intelligence, clarity and vision. 


Learning to Teach and Facilitate

A 3 day course designed to help those who are new to teaching and facilitation, develop the skills to deliver educational events and facilitate effective groups with competence and confidence.


Communication within Health and Social Care

A 1 day introduction to the essentials of sensitive, compassionate and effective communication within the health and social care sector. This highly experiential and practical skills-based course breaks down what it means to be a skilled communicator within the context of delivering care and support to people with a range of sometimes complex needs. The course enables delegates to analyse their own patterns of communication with the aim of becoming a compassionate, competent and confident communicator in any situation.


Team Building Programmes

Team building is something we have extensive experience of, and combining the best of the research with all of our personal experience in leading brilliant teams, we are able to offer two different programmes. Building a High Performance Team is a 2 day programme which helps teams develop a deeper understanding, respect and appreciation of each other's strengths, weaknesses, preferences and styles. During the programme we also spend time analysing the characteristics of a high performing team, focusing on what's needed to help you move from surviving to thriving as a team. Developing Team Values and Behaviours is a 1 day programme enabling teams to identify and articulate the values and behaviours needed for their particular brand of success.


Embedding an Effective Approach to Staff Wellbeing

We care deeply about whether you are able to successfully implement your strategy to support and enhance staff being, so we don’t just 'deliver and run'. We offer a comprehensive package of support and resources which sets us apart from other organisations offering wellbeing and mental health training.


It's well known that embedding wellbeing initiatives successfully into your organisation is key to ensuring a return on your investment, and this isn't always easy. It's not enough just to send a group of staff on a course and hope that MHFA or resilience or compassionate management 'catches on'. It needs commitment at all levels within your organisation, on-going support and a continued focus on staff wellbeing. It needs to be knitted into the fabric of your organisation. We provide a range of tools, resources and inputs to help you successfully do this, such as toolkits, posters, e-books, knowledge updates via virtual classrooms and e-learning and a quarterly ‘Mind Matters’ newsletter. We can also provide bespoke modules to enable you to tackle specific issues within your workplace. Our resources and input can help you successfully embed wellbeing into your everyday processes, and we can tailor this approach according to your budget.

We always provide follow-up contact after an in-house course/programme and as part of our follow-up package, we also provide a formal commendation letter evidencing your organisational commitment to wellbeing and mental health. This can be used in external publicity or provided as evidence during organisational inspections such as those carried out by OFSTED and the CQC.


We are committed to supporting you in maximising your investment in staff wellbeing and we’re always delighted to offer ongoing consultancy and services to support your wellbeing programme. 


It’s our firm view that if we expect our staff to be client focused, service orientated and compassionate, then it’s our responsibility to extend the same genuine care and concern to our workforce. 


As well as the obvious moral, ethical and legal obligations to look after our staff, it also makes huge economic sense to do so. The workforce is usually an organisation's biggest, most costly and most mission-critical asset- so why wouldn’t you do everything possible to protect and care for it? There will undoubtedly be brilliant, talented people within your workforce but all too often it's these shining stars who give until there’s nothing left to give, before retreating from their careers or burning out. This is an all too common situation, particularly in highly pressurised, high stake sectors such as health, education and other areas of public service.


Drawing on many years of experience in adult and workplace education, we deliver world class ‘wellbeing at work’ programmes. We'd love to work with you to assess the needs of your workforce, allowing us to create bespoke packages that suit your budget, your sector and your day-to-day demands.


We’re always delighted to talk money, and can usually offer a package that suits your budget, so don’t be shy in getting in touch!

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