Help your workforce love what they do!


It makes lots of sense to take the wellbeing of your workforce seriously. There is a clear and direct link between wellbeing and performance. When wellbeing takes a dip, so too does a person's effectiveness in the workplace.

Across a team or organisation, if staff wellbeing is ignored, the effects on the organisation can be damaging and far-reaching. This can include:

  • The delivery of substandard services to the end 'consumer'

  • Increased mistakes and errors. In some sectors, this can be disastrous.

  • Sickness and absence

  • Staff conflict, low morale and a negative or hostile atmosphere

  • Poor staff retention which can prove hugely costly

  • Reputational damage to the organisation


Critically, employers have a duty of care to protect and prioritise their employees wellbeing. The average person spends about 60% of their waking hours at work, and we all deserve to be treated with compassion, care, fairness given the investment we make in our working lives. In reality, our work and home lives often blend into one another- home affects work and vice versa. So it's unsurprising that when our wellbeing at work suffers, so too does our sense of vitality and wellbeing outside of work. 

Focusing on staff wellbeing in a sustained, skilled and targeted way will bring both financial gains and huge dividends from a moral and ethical perspective, and Red Lotus Consulting can help you do this. Explore our services page to find out more or simply contact us.

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